Best Road Trip Destinations in South Australia

/Best Road Trip Destinations in South Australia

Best Road Trip Destinations in South Australia

If you’re planning a road trip for your summer break, then South Australia is the best destination. South Australia is absolutely stunning with its greenery and coastlines. The longest river of Australia called Murray is also located in South Australia. The capital of South Australia is Adelaide which is known for its food, wine, festivals, and sporting events. Here are a few of our favourite destinations, from Self Storage Australia – Adelaide Self Storage. 


The beginning point for your road trip should be Adelaide. You can drive through the city and explore different restaurants, shopping centres, amusement parks and what not. The capital city is rich in culture, nature, food, and music. You can visit the Art Gallery of South Australia to discover Australia’s history. The plus point is that the gallery has free entry. After visiting the gallery, you might want to explore the Central Market, which sells everything at low prices. Adelaide is also known for its vineyards. The Adelaide hills also provide olives, cheese, and other organic substances. You can also head for clubbing as the region has a lot of bars. Adelaide is also home to many casino players. You might spend a day or two in the city so it’s advisable to store your belongings at the Adelaide Self Storage and drive through the city without having to carry all your stuff with you everywhere. Adelaide Self Storage is open 24/7 and is absolutely safe.

Adelaide City

Yorke Peninsula

From Adelaide, you can drive through the Yorke Peninsula to explore the spectacular alluring views of the beaches. You can also stop by and camp if you’re fond of camping. You can store your camping equipment at the Adelaide Self Storage. You can also do boating and fishing. The place is full of cafes and restaurants and also has golfing areas.

South Australian Cliffs

Murray River

You can also drive through the world’s longest river, i.e. 2500 kilometers. It flows from the Snowy Mountains to the Southern Ocean. You can indulge in numerous activities along the river. The river has a lot of history to it so you can stop by and learn about it. You can also experience canoeing and kayaking and explore the nature-rich river. The river is home to a wide range of species so you can also spend some time fishing. You can also use paddle boats and paddle steamers and you can also cruise.

Murry River

Eyre Peninsula

If you’re a fan of seafood, then you can drive along the Eyre Peninsula’s coastline. The coastline is full of peaceful beaches and limestone cliffs. The coastline has a variety of species of sea animals which includes: cuttlefish, sea lions, dolphins, whales, etc. Apart from the water, there are other animals such as kangaroos, koalas and other very rare native species. You can fish and you can also eat a lot of seafood from local restaurants. The region is known for its yummy prawns, oysters, shrimps, and crabs. All of these dishes are produced by local chefs and will give you the real Australian taste. The Eyre Peninsula is a place for everyone. Those who like to be alone can sit and relax on its quiet beaches. Adventurous people can enjoy water sports and food lovers can enjoy tasty seafood.

seals in Adelaide

Flinders Ranges

Visiting the Flinders Ranges is an amazing opportunity for those who like to explore nature and who like to learn about new places. Driving through the dusty red roads can be a beautiful experience especially at sunset. The area is surrounded by cliffs and craters. Flinders Ranges is also famous for its night time view of the sky. At the end of your road trip, you can sit back and relax while looking at the dreamy sky. For more ideas on things to do in Adelaide, click here.

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