How To Hire A Plumber When Building Or Remodelling

/How To Hire A Plumber When Building Or Remodelling

How To Hire A Plumber When Building Or Remodelling

When your house requires major plumbing repairs or renovations (i.e. boiler installation, leaking pipes, toilet blockage), it is best to call in a professional plumber instead of going DIY. Undertaking massive home projects by yourself without an experienced worker with you could prove to be disastrous.

Aside from the job not getting done correctly, accidents and mishaps could happen and result in substantial damages, both on you and your house. While many agree that they should call a professional to handle house renovations and improvements, not everyone is aware of how to find the right person for the job. Often, they cite a bad experience with hiring contractors. In this article, I will discuss four ways on how to hire a plumber when building or remodelling.


Ask For Recommendations

 Call your family and friends for recommendations on a plumber. You can’t have a more credible referral than their own personal experience. Ask what their recommended plumber did on their house, how professional he was, the rates, and their quality of work. Knowing the answers to these questions is key to finding the perfect plumber for your house.


Search Online

 Googling “Plumbers near me” will give you a general list of professional plumbers near you. Usually, if they put an effort in creating a website and they’re ranking high on SERPs, that means they’re good and has been in the industry for years. Of course, the results that you get from an online search are just suggestions. The best way to find out if they are the right fit is to call them.

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Ask The Landlord

 If you’re renting your house or your apartment, then chances are your landlord already has a guy who he relies on for maintenances and repairs. The great thing about hiring your landlord’s guy is that he is already familiar with your house structure and how everything works.

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Check The State Licensing Board

  When all else fail, and you still can’t find the right guy, you can always check your local state licensing board. For a professional trade like plumbing, an individual needs to apply for a license to be allowed to work. Comb over the state licensing board and make a shortlist of names and contact details for you to call. The best part about this is that whoever you end up with is a licensed professional with years of experience in the industry.


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