Home Staging Ideas for Open Houses

/Home Staging Ideas for Open Houses

Home Staging Ideas for Open Houses

After deciding that you want to sell your house, your focus should shift to ensuring you get value out of your property. Ensuring that your property fetches the right price in the market will require adequate staging to make it as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Here are some tips from Self Storage Elizabeth South.

5 Home Staging Tips for Elizabeth South Residents

Conduct a Deep Cleaning Exercise

two cleaners deep cleaning a home

One of the essential home staging tips is conducting a thorough cleaning. Before you perform any home staging, ensure that you clean your property well. To get it right, you can even contract the services of local cleaning firms in Elizabeth South. The cleaning companies might even help you move some personal items to Self Storage Elizabeth facilities for safekeeping.

Use Real Plants

indoor plants lined up near the window in the living room

The first step in staging your open house is utilizing real plants. As more people focus on eco-living, many of them are no longer attracted to artificial plants. Many interior stylists with experience in home staging agree that having live and healthy plants on your property can increase its value significantly. Potential buyers are likely to consider healthy plants as a sign that your house is liveable, which means they’ll be more willing to buy it. You will find a wide variety of indoor plants to incorporate in your home staging without committing too much money into it.

Replace your Furniture

a young couple moving a small couch

When staging your home for sale, the type of furniture you use will create a perception of your room being larger or smaller. You can put larger furniture close to the walls and smaller ones at the centre to give potential buyers a broader view. This is vital in creating a feeling that your room is significantly larger than it is, thus attracting more potential buyers. Additionally, consider replacing the furniture if they’re damaged.


a woman getting ready to declutter and clean her living space

If you are staging your house for a sale, ensure that you de-clutter it. If you have too much unwanted materials in your home, they’ll take up a lot of space. Houses that are filled with clutter will appear smaller than they are. This will make your house less attractive to potential buyers hence the need to de-clutter. You can contact an interstate mover in Elizabeth South and get your stuff moved to Self Storage Elizabeth facilities when necessary. The larger your open house appears, the more appealing it will be to potential buyers.

Depersonalize your House

a black woman touching the chair in her living room while looking out the door

Another essential tip when staging your property for sale is making it buyer-friendly. It would be best if you got rid of items that personalize the house and replace them with neutral items. For instance, remove family portraits and replace them with neutral pictures. Moreover, get rid of personal items like toothbrushes, pets, and any other item that one can associate with the previous owner. Making your house buyer-friendly will ensure potential buyers do not see a need to modify the house before they move in. You can keep your items safe in the convenient Self Storage Elizabeth facilities.

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