How to Live Comfortably in a Tiny Home

/How to Live Comfortably in a Tiny Home

How to Live Comfortably in a Tiny Home

Tiny homes are quickly catching on as a lifestyle movement with rent prices increasing at a staggering rate and space becoming a limited commodity, today’s generation is adapting by building or buying their own tiny homes to live in. Given the limited amount of space that you are given, however, living comfortably in a tiny home requires you to be smart about how you use every available inch of space. Here are some ideas from Self Storage Adelaide.

Eliminate Any Dead Space

the interior of a tiny home

Every nook and cranny in your tiny house should have some utility, whether it’s to store or shelf your stuff. With enough creativity and customization, you can get multiple uses out of parts of your home. For instance, you can turn a ladder that leads up to your loft as a bookcase when not in use. You can also have a wall-mounted table that you can fold out when entertaining guests. This also works on other fixtures, such as an ironing board or spice rack.

Rent a Self Store Unit

a man shutting down the door of his self storage unit

For those with a lot of personal belongings, you can also rent a Self Storage Adelaide unit to store items that you only need on certain seasons or events, equipment or gear that you use for a hobby or sport, or for items that have sentimental value. Having a Self Storage Adelaide unit also eliminates the need to frequently move items around just to reach something you need. Cost-wise, a tiny home combined with the additional expense of monthly storage rent is still relatively cheaper than traditional housing.

Have Your Own Personal Space

a woman reading a book on her loft bed

Your own personal space doesn’t have to be big; it just has to be a place you can call your own. If you’re living with a partner, children, or friend, you’ll want to designate spaces for each other where you can go to just relax. Use wall-mounted partitions to divide your home into multiple spaces without losing real estate to standalone bulky partitions. Put all personal items in your personal space while keeping any shared items in communal storage spaces or a Self Storage Adelaide unit.

Find a Community

a row of tiny houses

One of the main challenges of living in a tiny home is finding a place or community to integrate yourself into. There are still zoning restrictions enforced by some states and cities on miniature properties. The good news is that more cities and smaller towns are restructuring their zoning laws to accommodate tiny home owners.

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