Prep your Home for winter with these Home Improvement Tips

/Prep your Home for winter with these Home Improvement Tips

Prep your Home for winter with these Home Improvement Tips

The leaves are changing and the weather’s getting colder. Autumn has arrived! Give your house a warmer aesthetic this fall season. ‘Tis the time to get cosy. If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll need to consider a number of factors beginning with having the extra space to store your summer belongings. Here are some home improvement tips from Self Storage Adelaide for the fall!

Go for Dimmer Lighting

a boy sleeping on a cozy bed in a dimly lit room

Cozy-up your rooms by giving it a softer and dimmer touch. Good lighting plays an essential role in the overall look of your home. Warm lights give a relaxing atmosphere that’s perfect for the cold months!

Replace your Windows

Construction worker sealing window with caulk indoors

Fall is the perfect time to change them! You can even be a little more dramatic when it comes to weatherproofing your windows before the winter chill sets in. Tightly woven curtains do a good job at keeping in the heat, too!

Style it Dark

furniture in a dark themed room

Incorporate dark colored tones to your room to give it that warm and cosy feel. It’s a misconception that dark walls equal a dark and negative space. That isn’t always the case. When done right, you can give your room a mature and moodier atmosphere that’s perfect for fall!

Cozey-fy your Bedroom!

a very cosy bedroom with thick blankets covering the bed

Boost your bed with an oversized, chunky knit wool that’s perfect for adding warmth during the cold and lazy evenings. Replace the bright and colorful blankets with fall-inspired fabric. Wool or felt are a good option when replacing your old summer pillows.

You can be a little extra by adding a fireplace and logs for that cosy atmosphere. A snug and stylish bedroom is the way to go.

Spice-up your Decor

a festive front yard with halloween decorations

Shift your home decor from summer to fall with a makeover! You’d be surprised at how easy it is to turn your home into a snug autumn retreat! Toss out the cosy throw pillows in your living room and surprise your guests with even more blankets.

You’ll also want your house to stand out among the rest. Make your home more inviting by adding a fabulous display of orange-tinted foliage on your porch. Go crazy!

Make More Room

patio set with beige cushions standing on a wooden board deck. Breakfast on a table on a backyard porch.

Sadly, summer won’t last forever. You’ll soon have to stow away many of your belongings that you won’t be using often this fall season. From lawnmowers to gardening tools to pool accessories and even patio furniture – these are all just some of the many things you won’t need during the cold months.

Keep your summer equipment well preserved with Self Storage Adelaide. They make storing items a breeze with their easy and affordable storage plans. Self Storage Adelaide is a reliable storage facility that you can count on. You don’t have to worry about throwing away your valuables to make up for extra space!

So zoom into your home improvement project and start with Self Storage Adelaide!

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