Storage hacks for your home

/Storage hacks for your home

Storage hacks for your home

It is common for people to have more stuff and they are currently using. This may be holiday stuff, or it can also be old stuff that you don’t know what to do with. So here are some storage hacks from Self Storage Gilles Plains you can use at home.

The basics of efficient storage

Whether it is storage at home or Self Storage Gilles Plains there are some basics to being efficient in storing things. One key to efficient storage is having a little more space than you need. That way, you are not squeezing things in and thereby risking damage. You also need to ensure that you are storing things in the correct place. Something that can be damaged by large changes in temperature, needs to be in an air-conditioned space. Another way to be efficient with storage is to use sturdy containers which can easily and safely be stacked. Do not stack cardboard boxes of fragile items, because the weight can crush them.


Effective use of closet space

Closets are a part of your home’s air-conditioned space and they are ideal for storing things that you do not use every day but want handy. Most closets have shelves above the clothing rack and unless you are unusually tall, there is plenty of space below it. The Shelf should be used for relatively light loose items that you can take down when needed. Heavier items can go underneath the clothing. This situation includes storage bins containing smaller items. Another option is to use stackable milk crates as shelves.

closet storage

Efficient use of garage space

Effectively using the space in a garage depends on several factors. The first is the design garage. The second is whether you keep your car in it. It is recommended that you use boxes, milk boxes or storage bench as much as possible. Other options that could be found in a garage would include an empty toolbox, unused refrigerator, or file cabinet. If you have some unused wood, and your garage has rafters, the wood can be put across them. This can be used to not only store wood, but other things on the wood as well.

garage storage

Using space where you can find it

Like when using Self Storage Gilles Plains storing items at home requires using space where you can find it. One useful way of storing things is putting them under a bed or other furniture. If you have an old unused dresser, it makes a convenient and often attractive storage place. A good size storage bin can serve the dual purpose of storage and a table. You can even cover them up to make them look better. If you have empty bookcases, these can be used as storage. You can even put light things on top of the books within your bookcases. The key here is to use storage space wherever you can find it and it can look nice as well.

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