Space Saving Hacks for Studio Apartment Living

/Space Saving Hacks for Studio Apartment Living

Space Saving Hacks for Studio Apartment Living

Studio apartment living is not easy. You need to fit everything in that one room and still have enough space to move around. How can you ensure that you have the space for everything you need without cluttering the space? Here are 5 space saving hacks for studio apartments.

Invest in a Storage Bed

A man pulling a drawer open under the bed

There is so much that the space underneath your bed can hold. You will find out just how much when you have a storage bed. This comes with inbuilt storage drawers under the bed. You can keep your clothes there especially if you have very little closet space. Use this area for storing bulky clothes like sweaters and extra duvets.

Floated Shelves

A person stocking the floating shelves with glassware

To get more floor-space, avoid the full length book cabinets and wall units. Instead, use floated shelves. These allow you to keep other furniture on the floor while the shelves float on top. What is more? Floating shelves are beautiful and will enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room. You can keep books, art or potted plants on the shelves.

Multi-purpose Furniture

A woman arranging the flowers in a vase while sitting on a stool

Living in small spaces requires one to think beyond the normal. Consider having furniture that serves more than one purpose. For instance, your ottoman can be a great storage unit. Find one that allows you to keep things inside and that will reduce the clutter in your home. You can also find a dresser that also acts as a TV stand. As for tables, you only need a few in your studio apartment. You can either get a home office desk that doubles up as the dining table or install a fold-out dining table that stays under the counter tops and is only pulled out when needed.

Make Use of Self Storage Elizabeth Services

Cardboard boxes stacked up together in an empty living room apartment

There are some valuable things that you do not use often. Maybe some things are too large to fit in your apartment. These are the things you need to keep in Self Storage Elizabeth. What is this?

A self storage unit is a safe space, away from your home, where you can keep some of your things. Why opt for Self Storage Elizabeth units? The first and most obvious reason is that you will be able to create more space in your home. Second is that these storage units are secure. All units are securely locked and monitored around the clock. Self storage is very affordable. It is way cheaper than moving to a bigger apartment. Plus, you can access everything at a self storage unit at any time. You just come with your key, open and take whatever you need.

A Cohesive Colour Scheme and Mirrors for Decoration

A big tall mirror with wooden frame placed behind a sofa

Too many colours will make your home look busy and disorderly. Use a cohesive colour scheme with few colours that complement each other and your home will feel like it’s bigger. Mirrors reflect and this creates an illusion of a bigger size. Get a few mirrors and use them to decorate the place while giving the effect of making the space appear bigger. It is important that you do not overdo it. Only a few mirrors are enough.

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