The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

/The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring cleaning is often a long marathon, but it doesn’t need to be. In April of this year, The Simple Collection of Spring Cleaning Tips showed just how easy and efficient a quick dusting can be. You may have a whole closet full of clothing that needs to be hung up, and some clothes that need to get into the wash. All these items need to be properly cleaned and dried. Then all you need to do is put them back on and your closet will be looking as new as ever. Here’s how you get started:

Start Dusting

young woman dusting television top wearing yellow gloves with orange duster

Spray a dusting brush over all surfaces in your closet that are prone to dust. Also, sweep off any cobwebs that have accumulated on some shelves. Make sure that there are no pieces of paper or other things lying around your closet. Take note of what you need to dust: shirts, pants, tops, and bags or containers. Go to your local craft store and purchase a dust mop. If you want to buy the cheaper option, consider making a few mops from cardboard. It’s cheap, doesn’t take up too much room and is reusable, and you can even recycle the cardboard to make more dust.

Vacuum up All the Dust

a man vacumming the carpet while listening to music with his headphones

After spraying off the dirt, you should vacuum up all the dust. There is no reason to leave it to fall through the cracks in your closet. The cleaner you make the dust, the easier it will get out. The dust that falls through the cracks can sometimes be quite dangerous if not vacuumed. So it is best to use a regular vacuum. Be careful with a hand vacuum, though. Be careful to check for clogs and do a little research about how to best use it for your needs.

There are many benefits that come from spring cleaning. Most spring cleaning lists consist of things like decluttering the house from the garage to the closets, dusting everything off the furniture, and cleaning the floors, the walls, and the attic. All of this is a good thing, of course, but many people don’t think about the other benefits of spring cleaning, for example getting your home organized and prepared for the spring and summer season.

Organize Your Closet

an organised closet

Closets are notoriously difficult to organize. It’s almost like they’re always stuffed with boxes or some other type of storage problem. The best way to get around this problem is to declutter the closet. One way to declutter your closets is to put your winter things in a self-storage facility. Using a Self Storage Edinburgh North¬†unit, can help keep your closets free from clutter as well as more organized.

Get a Self Storage Unit

personal storage compartment loaded with transport crates

Self Storage Edinburgh North, also known as portable storage or self-service storage, involves storing items at your own discretion, in containers, lockers, or temporary spaces usually on a month to month basis. Self storage units are usually rented out on a monthly lease, but there are other options for long-term leases as well. Self storage is a relatively simple process that usually involves making one or more deposits before you can use the storage facility for whatever item you have in mind.

Self-storage units Edinburgh North come in all sizes, from small ones just a few feet by two feet, to large ones that can house large vehicles. Many self storage facilities offer storage containers made out of steel, wood, aluminum, or plastic, depending on the item that you want to store. Some even offer self storage units built specifically to be used for storing jewelry, antiques, art, and collectibles. Many self storage Edinburgh North facilities also offer self storage lockers that can be locked from the inside to keep belongings safe from damage. However, the biggest advantage of a self storage unit is that it allows you to store anything you want in the space that is available to you, for as long as you choose.

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