There is currently a growing phenomenon in Australia where young adults, known as ‘boomerang children’, return home to their parents after moving out, according to researchers at the University of Melbourne. The competitive job market and high cost of living has made it difficult for young adults to thrive away from home, and moving back in with their parents might be their only financially viable option. If your adult children are about to return home after a stint away, you’re going to need to reorganise your home and storage space to make room for them. Using Self Storage in Adelaide from Self Storage Australia Holden Hill can help make the transition easier.

Take an inventory

As soon as your child moved out, you probably repurposed their bedroom. You might have created a home office, some extra storage space, or even a private gym. Now they’re moving back home, you need to convert that space back into a bedroom.

Take an inventory of everything in the room currently. Determine what you need to keep while they’re home, what you can throw away or donate, or what you’ll need to move into Self Storage in Adelaide to make enough room. Your child can do the same with their belongings.

This provides you both with a great opportunity to declutter your belongings. This inventory will also help you establish the storage unit size you need.

Organise your home

To ensure there’s enough room for everybody in your home, you’re going to have to do some rearranging. If you’re after even more space, declutter the rest of your home as well. Items like Christmas decorations or seasonal clothing can be moved into Self Storage in Adelaide.

Store it right in Self Storage in Adelaide

To prevent any damage to your items, it’s important you prepare them properly before moving it into Self Storage in Adelaide. Everything should be cleaned beforehand so it’s all ready to use straight away when you need it again.

Any heavy items you’re storing should be placed on the floor of the storage unit. Items you don’t need for a while should be placed at the back of the unit, while items you think you’ll use regularly should be placed near the front.

Whatever your storage needs, Self Storage in Adelaide from Self Storage Australia Holden Hill has a solution for you. Contact the friendly staff to learn more about your options today.

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